Gelu Italian Ice & Coffee is Grand Junction, Colorado’s premium Italian ice vendor. At Gelu we are dedicated to happy taste buds, healthy living, and having fun! Our Italian ice, also known as water ice, is the perfect mixture of fruit, water, sugar, and other flavors blended into a smooth, sweet, refreshing dessert. Italian ice is dairy free, gluten free, cholesterol free, and fat-free making it a healthier alternative to ice cream!

Gelu Italian Ice & Coffee was founded in Grand Junction, the “banana belt” of Colorado and home to flourishing vineyards and fruit orchards. We take pride in where we live so we try to source locally-grown fruit whenever possible. However, other fresh and frozen fruits, concentrates, juices, purees, and flavorings are also used to provide the highest quality and best-tasting product for our customers.

The name Gelu means “freeze, frost, cold” in Latin, and the dots (umlaut) over the letter “U” in our brand logo reflect our happiness to serve you.

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